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Survived 7/7, worked with Prevent, approach to counter terrorism is wrong

15 AUGUST 2018

"I chose to dedicate my life to countering terrorism in my own community as a direct result of surviving the 7/7 London bombings. I had little idea at the time what an arduous journey I was about to embark on."


JAN Trust Director, 7/7 Survivor and Counter-Extremism expert Sajda Mughal OBE has spoken to The Independent about her near decade-long journey within the Prevent Programme.


Although she embarked on her journey believing in Prevent's mission of community-focused initiatives, she became disillusioned by the inner-workings of Prevent, whcih has only led to further alienation of her own Muslim community.


She nows calls for an independnet review of the programme in order to evaluate its efficiency so our future generations aren't left at risk. Read her story here.