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Sajda has a long history of working in partnership with the statutory, non-statutory, private and voluntary sector to offer a customised consultancy service that meets the needs of her clients.

In order to construct a bespoke project that meets your specific needs please do contact us.


Keynote speaker

Sajda has delivered numerous, motivational, key note speeches and workshops across the UK and internationally.

Topics have included – Overcoming adversity after surviving terrorism, Countering extremism, Inspiring marginalised women and Safeguarding young people.



Sajda regularly engages with print, electronic, TV and social media. She contributes on a number of issues relating to extremism, integration and marginalised women.

Sajda has appeared on Channel 4 News, Sky News, BBC Woman’s Hour, BBC News, BBC Sunday Morning Live, Lorraine, ITN News and BBC Asian Network.

She has also featured in print including Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Independent, Cosmopolitan, Red and Closer Magazines to name just a few.


Tackling Extremism

Since surviving the 7/7 London Bombings Sajda has dedicated her life in preventing and tackling extremism and online radicalisation in particular working with Muslim mothers and women. Her work in preventing and tackling online extremism via her highly acclaimed Web Guardians™ programme has been at the forefront and has been leading the way in making real change across the UK at the grass roots.

She also works with young people in schools across London and the UK so they are protected from this issue. Sajda delivers workshops with teachers so they are fully equipped on the issue and are able to safeguard their students from extremism.

She advises local and national government, third sector and the private sector.


Training and Empowerment Programmes for BAME and Muslim Women

Muslim women experience wider discrimination and inequalities both at home and in society. Through JAN Trust, for the past decade Sajda has delivered highly successful training and empowerment programmes across the UK. Her standard and programmes aim to develop the skills of women; motivating them to fulfil their potential in life and to become more actively involved in public life via a series of classes and workshops. She hears on a daily basis how the programmes have changed their lives. Many of those who have attended her programmes have gone on to further their education, secured employment, set up businesses and contribute regularly to charitable and voluntary work. Sajda can offer bespoke programmes to meet the needs of clients.



Sajda coordinates and deliver campaigns. She aims to increase awareness within the Muslim community and wider society and to remove barriers facing vulnerable people using different platforms and resources. She delivers campaigns in partnership with other relevant agencies in ensuring real change is created.


To contact Sajda for any of the above, send us an email to

Sajda Mughal

You were a brilliant guest and the work you do is life changing.


- Lorraine Kelly, ITV