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London's Asian power list: 12 of the most influential people in the city in 2022

13 AUGUST 2022

Sajda Mughal OBE was featured in MyLondon’s 2022 London Asian power list.



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Sajda Mughal


Sajda survived the 7/7 bombings after getting on the London Underground in a different place as she was running late - now she helps mums who have lost their sons to ISIS.


In 2005, Sajda was running late for her corporate job in HR when she forwent her usual ritual of hopping onto the front carriage of her Tube on the Piccadilly line. Instead, she boarded the closest carriage and just 10 seconds into her journey, Sajda's life changed forever.


The mum-of-two, who was just 23 at the time, heard an almighty bang which would later be revealed to be the sound of a homemade bomb. It exploded in one of four coordinated attacks across London that left 52 victims dead. The ramifications of the tragic event changed Sajda's career and personal life, leading her to be awarded an OBE for her grassroots work with communities, but leaving a psychological impact that means she has panic attacks to this day.


After surviving the bombings, she left the corporate world to go on to spear heading Jan Trust to be a national charity supporting, educating and empowering Black, Asian, minority ethnic and refugee women, leading programmes on tackling VAWG (violence against women and girls), racism extremism, hate crime and supporting integration.